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The Tulip Eaters
My second novel is such a different kind of book. Even though it is a thriller, I believe it contains historical information that I hope you as a reader will find as intriguing as I did. Again, the links below are just a starting point. They may serve simply as an adjunct for you to learn more about the historical and social points I touch upon in the novel that relate to the Dutch occupation during World War II, or they may provide book club questions that will help you delve into more of the social, cultural and emotional issues raised in the novel.

Or maybe, like me, you’re just a history buff and are hooked on a continual path of trying to absorb how different peoples react to and survive overwhelming global events – not just in World War II – but today. I think the links below, particularly NIOD, raise just such global issues that are critical to each of us. If you come across links you think I should add to the site, please let me know.

History Resources
NIOD: Dutch Institute of War
Loe de Jong
The Kingdom of the Netherlands During World War II
Netherlands in World War II
Dutch resistance

Saving Max
Just like any mother or parent of an autistic child, I have spent many years researching every aspect of this spectrum disorder. Initially, I set about educating myself about the purported causes, symptoms and treatment possibilities. I read anything I could get my hands on to understand how to parent my children and to find professionals in the psychiatric and psychopharmacological areas who might be able to offer suggestions. Part of that process was also to connect with other parents – soldiers in the foxhole – many of whom are now dear friends who form a network without which my family would not have survived, much less flourished. Now I try to stay current with new ideas to enrich the lives of my children, who are young adults out in the world meeting their own individual challenges.

The following links are a starting point. If you’re a parent or guardian of a child with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, I hope these sites will help you on your road to working with your children to better their lives, connect with other parents in similar situations and develop friendships and professional relationships to guide you, as I have on my journey of almost twenty-five years.

Autism Resources
Autism Society of America
Talk Autism
Autism Speaks
National Autism Association
Moms Fighting Autism
Parent to Parent USA
Autism Answers
A Guide to Keeping Your Autistic Kids Safe
Autism Fact Sheet



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