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Life During Wartime: The Love-Charm of Bombs

I read this article in the New York Times the other day and immediately ordered Lara Feigel’s book, “The Love-Charm of Bombs.”  It’s on its way and I can’t wait.  Here’s why. Feigel has written a novel about the impact of World War II – the London Blitz – on the works of five British […]


What I’ve Been Up To

When SAVING MAX came out in 2010, I had no idea that it would find an audience and certainly never expected that it would become a bestseller. No first-time author thinks that – at least not me! As with so many debut authors, I was just thrilled to have the book published. Now three years […]


The Debate About Schooling Autistic Children in a Separate School

Hello, everyone. I’d like to address the issue of whether it is best for Asperger’s and other autistic children to be educated in regular schools or if it is better for them to have their own schools. I am no expert, as everyone knows. I’m just a mother of autistic children. If my kids were […]


Saving Max: February Barnes & Noble Fiction Book Club

Want to discuss the book with other readers and the author? We are pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble has selected Saving Max for the monthly Fiction Book Club Discussion this February! Join readers and Antoinette as we discuss Saving Max on the Barnes & Noble Community online, as well as invite others through […]


The Pains of Getting Published

Getting published is somewhat like planting a garden, living through summer heat waves when everything dies, and then – miraculously – there is a blessed flood and the fruits of your labors finally surprise and delight you. I am a debut author, so my experience is very fresh in my mind.  I started writing my […]


Book Signing at Borders in Austin, TX

We had a great time last night at the book signing at Borders in Austin, TX. Thanks to all of my friends who attended the event! Here is a picture of my son Brendan and I enjoying the company.


Learning To Let Go

I am the parent of two autistic children, one of whom is Asperger’s, now age 22. The hardest part about my son’s transition into young adulthood was just letting go. As most parents of special needs children, I over-functioned for him – big time. Not only did I protect him from children who bullied him […]


It’s so good to be home! I’ve spent the past two weekends doing signings in San Antonio and Dallas. Check out the Press section of the website to see a television interview I did on WOAI-TV San Antonio.

It’s so gratifying to meet readers (and potential readers) at these signings and have the opportunity to see you face-to-face. The next signing is in Houston on December 16, particulars to follow. Look forward to seeing you there!


TV appearance in San Antonio tomorrow on WOAI from 10-11am CST!

I’m excited about appearing on the show tomorrow and talking about SAVING MAX! It will be my first television interview, so cross your fingers for me. (I always imagine things like tripping over the stage or sitting there with my mouth open and nothing coming out – although that’s unlikely because I never seem to […]


I’m going to have book signings in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas in November. Schedule TBA. Hope to see you there!


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“Antoinette van Heugten combines the tender, unshakable bond between mother and son with an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller.” — Diane Chamberlain, bestselling author of THE LIES WE TOLD


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